Let us show you how air™️ works!


Choose your voice and type your text

In both our Web and Mobile versions you have the choice of up to 500 AI voices in 56 languages that can be converted in your native tongue and the best part is, you can convert text to speech in seconds!


Choose your music

With 500 tracks powered by Epidemic Sound to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.
You can preview each track to find the one that best fits your content and why not choose the mood for your production, such as epic to happy whatever the mood we’ve got it covered.


Add your video content

Now that you have the perfect voice and music for your production, adding that all important visual is key to any successful marketing content. You can edit and crop your choice of voice and music along with your video. Our editing suite offers you cropping on all of your content and a whole lot more.

In less than a few minutes you’ll have your content ready

You can play your creation to make sure you are happy before converting your final production. Then all that is left to do is to download your amazing content and use it on Instagram, TikTok or any of your projects!


With up to 250 neural voices more voices being added all the time there’s a voice for all your voice needs. Unlike our competitors, we are very critical of our voices and we decided to only offer the best for our users.

(Coming Soon)

You can convert your text to speech in your own language. With our built in translation software, you can type in your own language even when choosing a voiceover in another language.


Powering your production with music is a must and what better way to choose your track than to pick the music that suits your production mood and with up to 500 licence free soundtracks you will be spoilt for choice.

56 Languages

With many different languages to choose from, you can promote your business on a global scale. Many people wish they could speak another language or create content to help build followers. Check out the available languages here. We will be adding more languages to all packages real soon.

Video Content

By adding the power of video to your creative content you will capture your audiences attention as well as making your productions look even more professional. With air™️ you can upload your own content direct from your device and once created, you can save in your air™️ account or your device.

Customisation Controls

Adding volume to both your voice and music is essential to any voiceover production and with air™️ not only is this possible, but you also have the choice to change the speed and pitch of each voice, which in turn will make a huge difference to your content.

Take a listen to some of our voices

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Voice, Music and Video content are a must

There’s a difference between good content and great content, so let air™️ be the difference by :

Increasing engagement

By increasing engagement you are opening new channels to your business. This will enhance business growth on a greater scale. For modern brands with an online presence, strong social media engagement is a sign that you’re making an impact in the market.

Grabbing viewers attention

Great content is very powerful, when used correctly. By adding voice, music and video you increase your chances of grabbing the viewers attention. The first few seconds are vital for any content and your viewers attention is key, so keeping them focused with your content is paramount.

Forming a connection

Forming a connection with the audience is not an easy task. By creating imaginative and unique  content you will gain the attention you are looking for. Let your creativity explode with voice, music and video and connect with your audience with amazing content.

Explaining key concepts

Voice is a powerful tool when creating content. Use air™️ to your advantage in explaining key concepts and delivering your message in a clear and precise manner. With over 279 neural voices to choose from there’s a voice for everyone.

There are lots of great ways to use air™️

Educational Content

Using voice whilst engaging with your viewers not only adds substance to your productions but provides validity to all your marketing content.

Marketing Videos

The best part of having fantastic marketing content is generating more exposure for your business and with great content you gain more attention. With that attention comes more interest and from more interest comes more sales.

Social Media

With a cost effective way to create your own Social Media content, why not use air™️ to make that happen. The power of being able to convert text to speech in seconds are priceless and air™️ is affordable to all.

Promotional Videos

A great marketing video will generate more sales! By capturing your audiences attention with amazing marketing content you will stand out from your competition

Single User Packages


£15 / $20

  • 1500 Characters per download
  • 15 productions
  • Choice of 250 license free soundtracks
  • 250 3rd Gen voices
  • 104 Male Voices
  • 146 Female Voices
  • Unlimited script changes (pre download)
  • Personal and Commercial rights included
  • Breakdown cost of £1.00 / $1.40 per production

(Introductory 90 day price from launch subject to change)


£30 / $40

  • 3000 Characters Per Download
  • 40 productions
  • Choice of 500 license free soundtracks
  • 265 3rd Gen voices
  • 115 Male Voices
  • 164 Female Voices
  • Unlimited script changes (pre download)
  • Personal and Commercial rights included
  • Breakdown cost of £1.33 / $1.81 per production

(Introductory 90 day price from launch subject to change)

Frequently Asked Questions

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